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 We help people choose 
  a safe, nutritious and balanced breakfast 


We will contribute to the EU’s development of mandatory harmonised front-of-pack nutrition labelling to ensure it is recognisable and understandable across Europe.

Policy enablers

We ask policymakers to provide legal clarity and remove barriers within the EU Single Market linked to the proliferation of different national front-of-pack nutrition labels and divergent interpretations of existing legislation.



Our members strive to provide people across Europe with consistent information that will help them choose a nutritious and balanced breakfast option. The breakfast cereal industry has been at the forefront of applying national nutritional labelling schemes – either voluntarily or in compliance with the law.

why CEEREAL supports harmonising front-of-pack NUTRITION labelling

Harmonised labelling will make it easier for people to identify breakfast cereal options that are consistent with their dietary guidance. In the EU alone, there are currently six different front-of-pack nutrition labelling schemes developed or endorsed by the public sector¹, which can lead to confusion and inconsistent information. A harmonised scheme will also help reduce supply chain complexity and legal uncertainty for companies that provide products in various markets, and strengthen the Single Market.

We will continue providing good value per bowl by offering breakfast cereal options that are safe, nutritious, accessible, sustainable, convenient and enjoyable.


the average cost of

a bowl of breakfast cereal

with milk per serving*

Untitled design.png

* Based on Euromonitor data 2020 for 125ml milk, for EU and UK, and based on IRI/Nielsen industry average calculations of price per kilo taking into account 30g servings for cereals and porridge and 45g servings of granola and muesli for the top 12 countries in Europe’s moving annual trend from April 2020 to March 2021.

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